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Dog Harnesses Tips

When it comes to taking our beloved furry companions for walks, which for most of us is our favorite physical activity. We try our best to get their harness on while they are overwhelmed with excitement. Taking your pups for a walk is such an exciting and physically active time for your dog. Did it ever occur to you though that the harness that you place on your dog could be potentially causing your pup a great deal of pain or discomfort? This is something that we as dog owners commonly overlook or do not think twice about when purchasing and using these harnesses on our loyal companions. Here are a few things that you may want to consider when going to purchase a harness for your dog: 1. Is the harness padded or contain a mesh material? 2. Is there a leash loop in the front and back of the harness? 3. Does the price always mean that it’s better? These are three important factors that we as dog owners should keep in mind when purchasing the harnesses we use for our pups. 

The first point that was brought to attention is to realize whether or not the harness that you are currently putting on your dog is padded or contains mesh material. Padded or mesh material harnesses plays a very important role in how comfortable the harness actually is for your dog.  The harnesses that contain just the traditional straps can cause many issues that we as owners cannot clearly see. These harnesses result in a lot of rubbing on your pup and can even cause soreness, bruises, and burns. All of these are serious issues that could lead to more severe problems if not taken care of as soon as possible. The mesh/padded harnesses are great for preventing these problems because the materials stretch and are made to prevent soreness, bruises, and burns. Mesh and padded harnesses make the walk more enjoyable and not so uncomfortable for your pup. 

The second area of concern I brought up when looking for a harness that is going to best suit your furry friend is finding a harness that has a leash loop in the back and in the front by the chest. This is more important than what most dog owners think. One main benefit and the most important is when a leash is attached to the front of the harness this prevents your dog from choking when they begin to pull. There are many other benefits to having the harness clip in the front as well, for example, training your dog to walk next to you, no hurting their skin where the legs meet the torso, and lastly these harnesses provide your dog with a stress free walk! It is nice to have both because maybe your dog prefers the back leash clip and then you have the power to use the front leash loop for training and the back leash loop for leisure or just a casual stroll. 

When you walk into a pet store you will see tons of different harnesses and think two things: 1. Which one do I pick? & 2. The more expensive the harness the better it must be. These are two very typical thoughts to have when going to purchase the harness that your pup and you will be using often for your walks together. First things first are you have to buy a harness that your dog feels comfortable in. If your dog does not like their harness then they will absolutely despise going on walks. Next, the bigger the price does not always guarantee a better/more comfortable harness. This is something that most owners commonly do and it is natural because we dog owner’s only want the best for our pups. The best way to go about all of it is find a type your dog likes and look online or at other pet shops or online stores to see what they have to offer. Most of the time the better bargain is online. 

I hope that this article provided you with a good amount of information for you and your best friend. Hopefully, the next harness you purchase you will 1. Make sure the harness is padded or made from a mesh material. 2. Look or one that has a leash loop in the front and the back. 3. Is it really worth the price you see? Lastly, make sure you truly provide your dog with the best and most comfortable harness they could possibly have and most importantly do not forget to give them lots of love, walks, and a treat or two won’t hurt either!

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